Soups and Salads

Italian Havarti Sandwiches

27 January 2010

Besides Tex-Mex, Italian flavors has to be my favorite ingredients to experiment with. Recently, I have been looking for healthier and lighter meals, but also something that my three young children would eat, so naturally I thought of enriched breads, thinly sliced cheeses, olive oil, spices, and fresh, ripe tomatoes. I took inspiration from a […]

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Turtato Soup

25 January 2010

For some reason turnips are intimidating to me. They sit there, purple and white, daring me to make something out of them that children won’t instinctively run screaming from. And yet they cook almost exactly like potatoes. So with a hand full of russets and a pound of turnips I set to work. Turtato soup […]

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Vino Chili

11 January 2010

We had our annual Chili dinner for the Cub Scouts, and of course my camera gave me fits. What you see, inelegantly displayed to the left is Vino Chili. A tasty chili that will work with beef but is best made with game meats or lamb. In this case, 2 pounds of ground venison. For […]

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Apple Bacon Ranch Salad

14 July 2009

I have been blessed with children that are not too picky in what they choose to eat. Occasionally, they refuse to eat a vegetable or try a new sauce, and that’s when I pop open the ramen noodles and hot dogs. One food item that my children love to eat is bacon. Since I love […]

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Savory Tomato Soup

3 July 2009

It is midsummer here in Texas and the tomatoes are ripening faster than I can pick them. Currently, I have over thirty tomatoes in various stages of the ripening process sitting on my kitchen counter and taking up valuable working space. Where I live, and I am certain other tomato growers can relate, I have […]

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