My Kid’s Been Bugging Me Forever to Put Him on YouTube

by Allie on November 16, 2012

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youtube home video child playing guitar nystagmus esotropia

At least twenty times a week one of my boys begs me to put him on YouTube. For some reason, they think YouTube is the best website in the world (besides online games and Netflix). Sometime I hate YouTube, because if you’ve ever spent ten minutes on that site, then you know how weird it can get in three videos.

Yesterday we found out my eight-year-old will need surgery to correct two conditions in his eyes that miraculously disappeared in his older brother’s a couple years ago. Esotropia (one eye turns in) is one condition that will hopefully be corrected, and congenital nystagmus (eye-shaking) is the other that we hope will improve. Because of these two conditions my son doesn’t have optimal vision and glasses don’t help. The surgery isn’t needed right away, so we will likely wait until sometime next year to do it.

So in honor of this news, my “blind” son decided to make a song about himself…here’s the home video:

He is definitely one awesome kid!

  • Lisa R

    WTG My Man Trent….Pretty awesome video for a way awesome kid…Remember me when you get famous and don’t forget I was the first one to comment
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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