I Don’t Get Mad. I Get Even.

by Allie on September 16, 2012

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Sunflower small

So here’s the deal. I actually really miss blogging. I told y’all I might not ever be back on here four weeks ago, and well I just can’t keep my word. Mostly because I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I got all passive aggressive and devised a plan (with help can you believe it) to paint a naughty flower at a playground because I was pissed off at a lady running our art group. Am I going to post said flower on the internets? No. Because I want to make sure it stays there and doesn’t get taken down.

That’s right. I don’t get mad–I get even.

So basically I discovered the best way to deal with an anal, overbearing, majorly needs Xanax art witch that gets so upset when things don’t go her way that she goes into a fit. That’s right–never mess with an overly tired volunteer that’s been working 12 hour shifts for five days and is trying desperately to include your 50 thousand projects, 40 of which are not a priority.

Georgia O’Keefe would be proud.

I probably should have warned the lady of other phallic sculptures around here before I started working.

Also, never wipe your butt with sunflower leaves. Trust me on this one.

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  • Mariposa61581

    “Never wipe your butt with sunflower leaves”??? Ummmm, I’m afraid to even ask…

    • http://www.screweduptexan.com Screwed Up Texan

      You’ll have to ask my other half.

  • Wendi

    I am glad that you didn’t leave forever. I haven’t been a great blogger in years past and feel like I was called to blog very recently so I deleted my old blogs and started a new one this evening. I am praying that I will eventually have followers but believe strongly that I don’t want to loose my family to blogging. So here’s to hoping I find a balance between the two. Good luck with all of your endeavors I look forward to reading more about them when you have time.


  • Weekend Cowgirl

    Glad to see your post! Made my day!!

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